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Why is the hashtag being challenged? Seriously: Why?

#BeautyAndTheBeast is clunky and takes up too much room.

Besides that, #BATB is the official hashtag and has been since the beginning. Ever noticed it hovering in the corner when it airs? Yeah.

The last thing we need…

It’s because the CW use the full title in order to promote the show, if your a new fan BATB might not make sense to them so we are using what the network use. But its not to say u can’t tag posts with #BATB either but if it helps the show then why not? I haven’t seen fans getting annoyed by it.

Apparently the reason why people are suddenly using the longer hashtag is because Austin Basis thought it’d help attract new viewers. Unfortunately, we’re passed that point.  The only way the show is going to gain new viewers is if a.) The CW gets their head out of their you-know-what and starts actively promoting it and b.) if the cast gets to do the talk show circuit.

Furthermore, by using two different hashtags, we’re less likely to get the show trending worldwide.  It’s really just hindering our efforts to help the show get renewed for another season.  We need to be all in accord, even over something as (seemingly) trivial as a hashtag.

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This blog will not be deleted, as I have several active sideblogs on here.  :)  But I’m moving to a new personal.

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Sailor Pluto by =therese678


I love the FUCK out of this. This is just incredibly beautiful in and of itself (I mean DAMN, Setsuna), and if there’s one Senshi out there who would fucking OWN Steampunk, you’re looking at her. The detail in this, though. It’s kicking my ass. There are clocks all over the place in this thing, like in her shirt and her choker, But I keep staring at this and seeing more. THE BIG ASS KEY HAS A CLOCK GEAR ON IT. Just damn, picture, can you not?

Absolutely stunning.

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It’s Darkury ya bish

I just realized:

I’M ON A (fake) HORSE

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Aino Minako/Sailor Venus.